How to be a professional in Polish e-commerce

04 December 2013

logoLike with many other fast-developing industries, e-commerce is one the areas where it is difficult to recruit. The reason is simple – the only way to confirm skills and knowledge is to revise our candidate’s experience listed in CV and try to judge upon it. You can try to verify it somehow but what really counts is not “verifiable” in 45 minutes of the interview. Not even during two. Polish e-commerce market is also specific in a certain way. It is growing fast but also it requires top professionals to develop in the right direction.

Luckily, since a couple of weeks we have a Polak 2.0. Foundation initiative which is known as Profesjonalista w eHandlu (A Professional in e-commerce). It is a set of certifications that everyone in e-commerce industry can get, but which requires a practical knowledge. Not very easy, but not extremly complex for those who work in e-commerce on a daily basis. Some example questions from the exam:

  • What is a behavioral segmentation? 
  • What is CTR in e-mail marketing? 
  • On what aspects EEIA model proposed by Don Bartholomew is focused?
  • What progressive profiling strategy consist on?

And these are only a few from hundreds of questions prepared by trusted e-commerce companies (full list is available here). Snowdog is aslo in this group, it makes us proud but we are also aware of the responsability that is connected to such initiatives.

The certification prepared by Polak 2.0. Foundation is suppose to be a great proof of knowledge and e-commerce skills which may help in ones career. A company which has many certified people on board is also trustworthy and may find it easier to get good contracts – so… it’s not only a personal challenge. It is the interest of all of us.

More details (in polish):

Kuba Zwolinski
Kuba Zwolinski