Developers Paradise 2016 – front-end team adventure

11 May 2016

One car, two dogs, three developers, five countries, 75 horsepower, 2 664 km – that was our #roadtodevparadise and #roadfromdevparadise setup – right, everyone survived and it’s our great success.

Few weeks ago we take part in Developers Paradise – event organized by Inchoo in beautiful town Opatija. We may say it was amazing, we were amused, view was breathtaking, but why… we have photos #lazydevelopers.

Great place, great people and one big topic – Magento 2. Five months after official release, group of Magento 2 creators and architects, developers and executives of Magento solutions provider gathered together to share their experience and talk about future.

Various aspects of Magento 2 was touched during presentations. A lot of technical, mainly backend knowledge and hints – how to deal with Magento 2 API, extensions, import, security, testing, but also some “soft-skills” advices – how to manage Magento 2 team and organize the work. As a front-end team, we find something for us too – HTTP/2 and our fav topic – processing styles in Magento 2.


Our Frontools and SASS version of blank Magento theme was mentioned aging, this time on Hrvoje Jurišić presentation.

Strongly involved in SASS front-end solutions for Magento 2, we have discussed how to improve current front end technology stack. Effect? Will be announced soon and I’m pretty sure you will enjoy it!


Work hard, party harder!. Finally, Developer Paradise it’s not only hard technical presentation. In the South-European spirit we was exchanging our experience during great parties every evening full of surprises and positive energy to recharge batteries until Developers Paradise 2017 :) See you there!

Bartek Igielski
Bartek Igielski