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eObuwie announced as the “Best website of 2016”

Wow! This is big – our customer is a winner in “e-Commerce Polska Awards“ in 2 categories: Best website and Best  Customer Service. We are extremly happy and proud to share this news, as we were working on the Magento integration for a long time, improving not only UX aspects and the design, but also many functionalities […]

TUTORIAL: How to implement an admin product tab in Magento 2

What will you learn in this tutorial? Basically, you will learn how to implement a product tab in admin product edition page. The tab will be linked to your own model, so the content of such tab will make possible showing/creating/editing data from the custom model. We will build a kind of “Structured Description” tab, where […]

It’s here: Magento 2 fully available

  Magento 2.0 available It is an important date: 18 November 2015. This time for real – Magento 2 launch time. During MagentoLive in Australia long awaited 2.0 version became finally available. We are happy to be a part of this community excitement in the new era of Magento world. On each and every edition of […]

Android and Magento Soap API – part IV

How to get list of products Magento SOAP API contains catalogProductList method for downloading list of products. Basically it returns ALL of products at once. In production environment it could mean thousands of products returned in single API call. Mobile devices are not capable of handling such big response. There is another inconvenience – lack of […]

Android and Magento Soap API – part III

Handle Magento SOAP API Errors There are two kinds of errors from Magento: server errors like HTTP 500 status code and API errors like “Session expired. Try to relogin.”. There are also (de)serialization errors that could occur if Java model does not match with response. Let’s take a look at them. Server Errors It’s easy […]

Android and Magento Soap API – part II

Use Retrofit with Magento SOAP API Today we will use REST client Retrofit to communicate with Magento SOAP API. There is a bit of code to write at beginning which seems to be a high entry barrier to overcome. But look below – I’ve wrote everything :) The brief about SOAP Magento SOAP API requires […]

Android and Magento Soap API – part I

Magento is an open-source e-commerce solution. It may manage vast amounts of products, catalogs, orders and payment data which can be accessed by REST and SOAP APIs. Unfortunately REST API has limited access to this data and allows only download some of it. If full CRUD actions are needed it’s necessary to use SOAP API […]