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MOE tutorial 1: Create simple list on iOS and Android apps using Multi-OS Engine

Multi-OS-Engine – MOE for short – is an open source framework, which enables to write iOS and Android application in Java. The most interesting thing is that created apps are compiled to native code and they use common code in Java. It’s saves a lot of time and it’s good idea for Android Developers, who […]

NeedApp Hackathon – Project Needs Partner

You could already read about our mobile teams representing at NeedApp Hackathon before. Today I’m going to present to you our second app – dedicated to iOS devices – Project Needs Partner that won the 3rd prize in the contest. Application main purpose is extremely simple – to enable graduates to establish cooperation with other graduates, students, […]

Real life test: Trail Offroad

How many times did you use your own application? I mean application that you designed and developed. Last weekend we had an opportunity to test one of our side projects – Trail Offroad (you can download from Google Play, iTunes). It’s Metrometer, inclinometer and GPX track recorder in one application dedicated to 4×4 enthusiasts. We […]

SDForms – an Objective-C library to create dynamic UITableView-based forms

SDForms SDForms is an Objective-C library that makes creating table view-based forms easier and faster on iOS. It was developed as a side effect of one of our project and it implements all the code responsible for managing table view cells, their sizes, dynamic number of rows etc. The core of the library is the […]

DateKit for Swift

Swift gave to developers great opportunity to learn new stuff. It was, and I believe still is, a refreshing breeze to programmers’ life. There’s also a great reason to show off – quickly learn the newest technology and prove your skills by releasing some great project. A lot of developers did that and it’s really […]

iBeacons at Meet Magento Conference in Warsaw
iOS 7 Custom Transitions

The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system brought to us a new, unified way to implement custom transitions between view controllers. Before iOS 7 custom transitions where possible but a little bit painful. Making them interactive, was even harder. Apple’s transitioning API made our life easier and here is why. Sample project can be […]