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SNOW.DOG at London Tech Week 2017

We took part in the TechXLR8 conference and HackXLR8 Hackathon during London Tech Week 2017. This festival of technology was a great experience with many inspiring talks, interviews, and exhibitions. Too many to mention them all, but some of them were very impressive. Sophia (a robot that looks and talks like a human) chatting with its (her?) […]

MOE tutorial 1: Create simple list on iOS and Android apps using Multi-OS Engine

Multi-OS-Engine – MOE for short – is an open source framework, which enables to write iOS and Android application in Java. The most interesting thing is that created apps are compiled to native code and they use common code in Java. It’s saves a lot of time and it’s good idea for Android Developers, who […]

Android Data Binding

Google I/O 2015 announced new Android M (Milkshake?) with new permissions system and a lot of optimization. There were also presented smarter apps, better werables, Android Pay and bunch of other changes. But my attention was paid to Data Binding shown in “Building Apps Faster with Android Data Binding” presentation. Unfortunatelly it’s not available on Youtube but […]

AndroidAnnotations – code less, do more – Part 2 – Fragments

Welcome to Part 2 of Making life easier with Android Annotations. This time we’ll have a look on the ways of using Fragments along with AndroidAnnotations. Anyone who used Android fragments, know how painful it is to create them with arguments that needs to be passed to each instance (to set them to our wish). Obtaining reference […]

AndroidAnnotations – code less, do more – Part 1

Anyone who developed Android applications, knows how easy it is to end up with boilerplate code. Accessing resources, creating services, inflating layouts, instantiating fragments, running separate threads, registering click listeners, it all requires many lines of code. But hey, there’s a great solution to this issue! With AndroidAnnotations (that heavily utilises annotations systems) we’re able to achieve […]

Real life test: Trail Offroad

How many times did you use your own application? I mean application that you designed and developed. Last weekend we had an opportunity to test one of our side projects – Trail Offroad (you can download from Google Play, iTunes). It’s Metrometer, inclinometer and GPX track recorder in one application dedicated to 4×4 enthusiasts. We […]

Make life easier: Retrofit

Before we begin When creating mobile apps you have many decisions to make that will have strong influence on final project’s shape. One of them is choosing the right libraries. Currently, it is hard to imagine mobile app that doesn’t communicate with network services. Weather apps download weather forecasts from servers, sport & fitness apps […]

Android and Magento Soap API – part IV

How to get list of products Magento SOAP API contains catalogProductList method for downloading list of products. Basically it returns ALL of products at once. In production environment it could mean thousands of products returned in single API call. Mobile devices are not capable of handling such big response. There is another inconvenience – lack of […]