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SNOW.DOG at London Tech Week 2017

We took part in the TechXLR8 conference and HackXLR8 Hackathon during London Tech Week 2017. This festival of technology was a great experience with many inspiring talks, interviews, and exhibitions. Too many to mention them all, but some of them were very impressive. Sophia (a robot that looks and talks like a human) chatting with its (her?) […]

MOE tutorial 1: Create simple list on iOS and Android apps using Multi-OS Engine

Multi-OS-Engine – MOE for short – is an open source framework, which enables to write iOS and Android application in Java. The most interesting thing is that created apps are compiled to native code and they use common code in Java. It’s saves a lot of time and it’s good idea for Android Developers, who […]

eObuwie announced as the “Best website of 2016”

Wow! This is big – our customer is a winner in “e-Commerce Polska Awards“ in 2 categories: Best website and Best  Customer Service. We are extremly happy and proud to share this news, as we were working on the Magento integration for a long time, improving not only UX aspects and the design, but also many functionalities […]

TUTORIAL: How to implement an admin product tab in Magento 2

What will you learn in this tutorial? Basically, you will learn how to implement a product tab in admin product edition page. The tab will be linked to your own model, so the content of such tab will make possible showing/creating/editing data from the custom model. We will build a kind of “Structured Description” tab, where […]

SNOW.DOG leads community frontend project with Magento

For the past couple of months we have been working on Frontend Tools and Sass blank theme for Magento 2. It is available on Github and for some time it attracts attention of many frontend developers. The idea was to make a front-devs life easier and contribute to the Magento community so everybody could benefit from the work that we […]

IoT: Expect the unexpected

 We live in times of very intensive changes in eCommerce. The market is stimulated by new ideas, innovations, technology and – let’s face it – EU funds. We are now, more than ever, able to make impossible ideas come true. The times when online shopping was associated with feelings of fear and insecurity are already […]

We are celebrating! +6 certified specialists in Snowdog!

Today we are celebrating! Not only we have Christmas Snowdog Party tonight, but also 6 guys made a big step forward in their Magento education. We are very happy and extremely proud to announce that: Darek and Marekare now Magento Certified Developers Plus Bartek, Paweł and Paweł are now Magento Certified Frotnend Developers Michał is now Magento Certified […]

It’s here: Magento 2 fully available

  Magento 2.0 available It is an important date: 18 November 2015. This time for real – Magento 2 launch time. During MagentoLive in Australia long awaited 2.0 version became finally available. We are happy to be a part of this community excitement in the new era of Magento world. On each and every edition of […]