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#snowdogAdventure weekend

Besides working very hard on all our projects, we have been preparing our SNOW.DOG team for a special weekend. Team building time comes with great adventure, important knowledge, and a lot of positive challenges. We were all very excited about spending time together, but what really happened excedeed our expectations… Day 1 – Friday During the first day […]

Developers Paradise 2016 – front-end team adventure

One car, two dogs, three developers, five countries, 75 horsepower, 2 664 km – that was our #roadtodevparadise and #roadfromdevparadise setup – right, everyone survived and it’s our great success. Few weeks ago we take part in Developers Paradise – event organized by Inchoo in beautiful town Opatija. We may say it was amazing, we were […]

Let’s imagine SNOW.DOG in Vegas

This was not our first year at Imagine. However, there were still a lot of firsts about this year. It was our first time with the team, first time as sponsors. And, of course, first #RoadToImagine on motorcycles. All of these things combined made it an exciting week with no time to sleep, but a […]

Time to hit the road. Road To Imagine!

Only few days left till the legendary Magento Imagine 2016 in Las Vegas. Some of you may remember hashtag #RoadToImagine from previous years. If you go to Vegas, let your friends know – from the airport, from the car (but hey, no texting when driving!), with your suitcase packed, new business cards or with the evening dress […]

Real life test: Trail Offroad

How many times did you use your own application? I mean application that you designed and developed. Last weekend we had an opportunity to test one of our side projects – Trail Offroad (you can download from Google Play, iTunes). It’s Metrometer, inclinometer and GPX track recorder in one application dedicated to 4×4 enthusiasts. We […]