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Meet Magento Academy – 2nd edition (UAM)

First edition of Meet Magento Academy took place in May and June this year. It went really great, 15 Magento newbies learned basics about the platform. They went throught installation and configuration, admin panel managing, backend and finally front-end specifics. This autumn we are very happy to be part of the official program on Adam […]

Meet Magento Academy – 1st edition is over

Last weeks was very intense for us. We have just finished of our first Meet Magento Academy edition. We are hopeful that this new initiative, launched five weeks ago, will be as valuable and essential as we planned it to be. Why do we do it?  The whole idea behind the MM Academy adventure is to attract […]

Meet Magento Academy

We are very happy and excited to announce our new initiative dedicated to sysadmins, back-end and front-end developers who would like to learn more about Magento. The idea is to encourage beginners and show them how to start working with Magento and what are the benefits of becoming a Magento developer. Instead of starting the research on your […]

Integration tests in Magento 2 – workshop

Getting started with testing during work is challenging. Despite best intentions, often the pressure to deliver projects keeps us from investing the time to get efficient enough to use it on a day to day basis. In order to not be overwhelmed by all the different ways to automate testing, choosing one discipline to start […]

Learn Writing Efficient Magento 2.0, second edition

A 3 day training on writing efficient code for Magento 2.x and 1.x platform.Learn Writing Efficient Magento 2.0

Learn Writing Efficient Magento 2.0 and 1.x Code

A 3 day training on writing efficient code for Magento 2.x and 1.x platform.

Learn TDD with Magento

A 3 day training on automated testing and TDD for the Magento Platform.