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Bartek Kwiatkowski
Bartek Kwiatkowski
SNOW.DOG at London Tech Week 2017

We took part in the TechXLR8 conference and HackXLR8 Hackathon during London Tech Week 2017. This festival of technology was a great experience with many inspiring talks, interviews, and exhibitions. Too many to mention them all, but some of them were very impressive. Sophia (a robot that looks and talks like a human) chatting with its (her?) […]

Google I/O 2016 – What’s new for Android?

Almost one month ago we watched Google I/O 2016 looking for new solutions for our work. It is always informative event with many presentations – for Android there are 65 of them. Fortunately, you can see them all on YouTube – click to open playlist. Part of our team chose some of the presentations that we found interesting […]

Magento 2 is mobile-friendly?

Mobile is set to overtake Internet access and the e-commerce market. Smaller, vertical touchscreens and customers switching from one device to another are new challenges to deal with. As an Android developer I’m going to check if Magento 2 is ready for these changes. Today I will ask our Magento developers about what they think. […]

Internet of Things Poland

Internet of Things Poland 2015 conference and hackathon was a great event last week in Poznan, Poland. Snowdog proudly participated as hackathon partner, and with Kuba Zwolinski speech about connected products in e-commerce. We had also a chance to show our youngest child – Magebutton. Oh, we almost forgot about IoT conference application we provided! […]

Android Data Binding

Google I/O 2015 announced new Android M (Milkshake?) with new permissions system and a lot of optimization. There were also presented smarter apps, better werables, Android Pay and bunch of other changes. But my attention was paid to Data Binding shown in “Building Apps Faster with Android Data Binding” presentation. Unfortunatelly it’s not available on Youtube but […]

Real life test: Trail Offroad

How many times did you use your own application? I mean application that you designed and developed. Last weekend we had an opportunity to test one of our side projects – Trail Offroad (you can download from Google Play, iTunes). It’s Metrometer, inclinometer and GPX track recorder in one application dedicated to 4×4 enthusiasts. We […]

Android and Magento Soap API – part IV

How to get list of products Magento SOAP API contains catalogProductList method for downloading list of products. Basically it returns ALL of products at once. In production environment it could mean thousands of products returned in single API call. Mobile devices are not capable of handling such big response. There is another inconvenience – lack of […]

Android and Magento Soap API – part III

Handle Magento SOAP API Errors There are two kinds of errors from Magento: server errors like HTTP 500 status code and API errors like “Session expired. Try to relogin.”. There are also (de)serialization errors that could occur if Java model does not match with response. Let’s take a look at them. Server Errors It’s easy […]